Molly Dickinson

Brand Strategy & Messaging Consultant

“The moment it clicks. The moment a client sees how all the strategic questions and comparisons and conversations translate into that pure, precise, powerful brand message. As a writer at heart, that’s what I love most about what I do.”


Milford, Delaware, according to her passport.


Graduated with a BA in English from Elon University and an undergrad thesis in poetry (i.e. packing the most meaning into the fewest words possible). Channeled her magazines-to-marketing career experience and talent for insightful strategy and inspired language into an independent brand messaging, naming, and consulting business. Joined the IWDFF team in 2018 after we hired her to help us craft our own brand story and we were hooked.

Currently Craving:

Freshly baked baguette, funky cheese, and a fruity Chilean white.

Secret Talents:

Shellfish shucking. Voice acting. Scrabble® domination.

Listens to:

When cooking, running, or driving: Crime and psychology podcasts. When working: Instrumentals approximating a boutique hotel lobby in Europe or the tropics (depending on the season). When no one else is listening:  Top 100 90s alternative and R&B.